Are you terrified of speaking before a group of people?
Will you do almost anything to avoid going to the dentist?
Do your palms get sweaty when you think of boarding an airplane?
Does the sight of a spider send you into hysterics?
If any of the above apply to you, then You Have a Phobia!
Exactly What Is A Phobia?
A phobia is an irrational fear. This means a fear that’s totally unfounded or way out of proportion to the present danger. Your phobia is driven by anxiety, the most basic of all negative emotions. The fact that you have a phobia doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It simply means that a particular fear became embedded in your subconscious mind sometime in your past. And because that fear is subconscious rather than conscious, it may be totally out of proportion to reality. You see, the subconscious doesn’t really measure fear. It simply reacts – often according to a pattern established early in childhood. And because this fear originates in the  subconscious rather than conscious mind, it can’t be explained away by conscious reasoning. We often hear phobic clients say, “I know it doesn’t make sense,” (conscious reasoning) “…but I feel it anyway.” (subconscious fear.) Attempting to correct a phobia with conscious reasoning – such as through conventional talk therapy or cognitive behavior therapy – is like trying to paint a wall with a hammer. Make sure you get a clear picture of this scene for a moment. You might eventually get that wall painted using a hammer, but you definitely picked the wrong tool for the job. If you’ve never seen a paintbrush or paint roller, however, you’d have no way of knowing just how effective a different approach can be.


So what’s the lesson here?

You don’t solve subconscious problems with a conscious approach.


Am I The Only Strange One?
Regardless of what your family or friends might have told you,  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Want to feel better about yourself? Click the following to check out this:  LIST OF PHOBIAS
A Permanent Cure Developed By a Medical Doctor
My wife – Deb – had never been thrilled with flying on a plane, but tolerated it because she enjoyed traveling to new and exciting places. Following one really bumpy and scary flight, however, she developed a true phobia. No matter how hard she tried, she simply could not force herself to get on another plane. So, for the next two years, we either drove or took the train wherever we went.  Being a traditionally trained MD, I had her try a couple of anti-anxiety medications. I had not yet “wised up” at that point about the dangerous side effects of these drugs. Fortunately for us and for you, they didn’t work anyway, so we continued to travel by car, bus, or train. And then one day Deb told me that she had seen a psychologist on TV who claimed he could remove phobias. Any phobia. He even said he could do this over the phone. She asked my opinion – and you can probably  guess my response.  “That’s pure nonsense!” I replied. “Impossible.” Being an intelligent and independent woman, Deb considered my response and then set up a phone appointment with the psychologist. Being a wise husband, I kept my mouth shut (even though I felt certain this was some sort of scam.)  Well, guess what? After a few phone sessions, my wife’s fear of flying went away. It simply disappeared. Deb could hardly wait to test this out on a flight to the Caribbean – which we did, and she thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip. Her phobia was completely gone. As a traditional physician, I was astounded and impressed. I was also happy to never again have to sleep in a tiny bunk on a very slow train across the U.S. Incidentally, Deb had paid that doctor $2000 for those phone sessions. The result made it worth every penny. More than 15 years have passed since Deb’s fear of flying was cured by following instructions over the phone. The psychologist had also mailed her several books to read with diagrams in them, and some written instructions.  Looking back now, his method was fairly complicated, but Deb stuck with him and it worked. This experience made us determined to find out exactly WHY this method had worked so well. As a reputable MD and surgeon, I had to understand the exact mechanism before I could recommend it for others. We definitely recognized the need to help other phobia victims. Fast forward to today. I’ve retired from my surgical practice. Deb obtained her PhD degree, and we are both certified Anxiety Relief Specialists. In the interim we also investigated acupuncture, acupressure, Oriental medicine, energy medicine, holistic medicine, hypnotherapy, herbal medicine, biofeedback, and the human meridian system. The result is the most amazing method ever, to totally remove any fear response from the human body. In my opinion, this work deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine. It will probably be accepted by most physicians about 50 years in the future. Meanwhile, if you prefer not to wait 50 years, our method is available today as an instructional video course that you can watch at home on your own computer. We call our method Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART) because it relieves the most basic negative emotion–anxiety.  Anytime we humans are not in complete control of a situation, we feel afraid. This fear is anxiety. As explained above, a phobia is an extreme fear–extreme anxiety. Our technique removes fears of all degrees. By simply following step-by-step instructions in the video, anyone can REMOVE their own phobia within a matter of hours. No matter how severe the phobia is, no matter what you’re afraid of, or how long you have suffered, your phobia can be eliminated. Deleted! Gone! All in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Can My Phobia Be Cured?
Physicians do not use the word “cure” loosely. Most physicians consider an illness “cured” if it doesn’t recur within 5 years. Our personal experience with this technique goes back 15 years. If a phobia should recur after 5 years or 15 years – it would be quite simple to apply our method again. No ill effects have been reported following many thousands of applications during the past 15 years. The bottom line is that there’s no need for people to carry such terrible fear with them any longer. Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART) harnesses the power of the subconscious mind AND human energy system. Those of you who are computer savvy will understand when I say that our technique will delete any phobia. This means that once a phobia is removed with this method, it does not come back! (For at least 15 years in our personal experience.)
Fear Vs Phobia
The emotion of fear is meant to protect us, and is a normal response to a valid threat. Phobias are NOT normal. They cause much harm to you and sometimes to others around you. Weeks or months of conventional talk therapy almost never help phobias. Medications don’t work, and can be very dangerous. Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART) consistently eliminates lifelong phobias within three days or less – often within a few hours! With this degree of success, there’s no reason to allow an irrational fear to control your life for one more day. Our method makes it easy and affordable to overcome whatever phobia you have.
Okay, This All  Sounds Great–How Much Will It Cost?
Let me first ask you to consider something. What would it be worth to you if you could discover:
  • A safe, reliable, drug-free method that’s guaranteed to eliminate (delete) your phobia?
  • A safe, reliable, drug-free method that’s guaranteed to eliminate your phobia within three days or less?
  • A safe, reliable, drug-free method that’s guaranteed to eliminate your phobia, and is applied in the privacy of your own home?
  • A safe, reliable, drug-free method that carries a 100% No-Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee? (When’s the last time YOUR doctor gave you a guarantee for anything?)
Your Specific Phobia
Each of our online video courses is designed to remove a specific phobia. To order, simply select your phobia from the list below. In the event your phobia is not listed, please use the “contact us” link at the bottom of this page to let us know. We will create a custom course for any phobia when sufficient demand exists. After years of research, we found the formula that relieves any phobia. No medications of any kind are used. No needles are involved. No hypnosis or hypnotherapy. No cognitive-behavior therapy. No nutritional supplements or herbs. No biofeedback. Our method is simple to apply, and yields consistent and predictable results. It absolutely works! Our video courses show exactly how to relieve your phobia within 3 days or less. Simply follow our complete step-by-step video instructions. Relief often begins within a few hours of applying our formula – not months or years later – within a few hours. As soon as your purchase is approved, you’ll receive precise instructions on how to view the videos on your own computer. Advance through the course at your own speed. Watch the videos as often as you like until your phobia is completely gone! Can you imagine how good this will feel?  
What’s The Difference Between Our Method and Others That You’ve Read About on The Internet?
Our Method Actually Works!
“When You Do Exactly As Instructed, Your Phobia Can Become A  Memory From The Distant Past.”
“As a traditionally trained MD, Board Certified surgeon, and Anxiety Relief Specialist, let me assure you that Anxiety Relief Techniques® is the single most effective method I have ever witnessed to remove any phobia.” Charles Smithdeal MD *, FACS**, ARS***  
You get your very own step-by-step videos that you can watch as many times as you wish.
I’ll be right there, guiding you every step of the way until your relief is complete!
So how much does it cost to be rid of your phobia forever?
$599? No, not even close!
Maybe $399? Nope.
How about a monthly access fee and a yearly contract? No, I’m not doing that either.
Today’s Price:
a one-time payment of

Please select the Phobia below that you wish to get rid of:

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Clowns

Fear of Dentists

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Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Fear of Exams

Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights

Fear of Needles

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Snakes

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Water


If for any reason our method doesn’t work for you, then we don’t want your money. Simply let us know and we will issue a full refund immediately for every penny that you paid.

I don’t know how long we can maintain this low price. (Our accountants remind us daily of the thousands of dollars we’ve spent researching these unique methods.) We’re offering this special price for a short time so that as many sufferers as possible can benefit from our discovery.


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          May God Bless You,

Charles Smithdeal, MD & Deborah Smithdeal, PhD***, ****

*Certified, American Board of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery **Fellow American College of Surgeons ***Certified Anxiety Relief Specialist ****Former Phobia Victim